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key feature of all Class D amps, particularly those running from switchmode PSUs, is very high efficiency (~85% here) and cool running from, typically, a very slim chassis. So the Stellar Strata is more

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Paradigm Founder 100F
My first, AV-focused, experiences of Paradigm were misleading. In times gone by the UK distribution of this 40-year-old Canadian company favoured a curious mix of its entry-level, compact loudspeakers and its far-from-entry-level subwoofers (includin
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The Music Centre
For many of us, our first exposure to halfway decent sound was via a ‘music centre’: the spiritual descendant of those radiograms of the post-war decades, combining turntable, record player, amplifier and speakers. By the 1970s these huge tabletop un
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Lab Report
Every source that finds its way into the Caruso R is either digitised via a 48kHz ADC (analogue inputs), downsampled to 48kHz (LPCM via S/PDIF, network or USB) or upsampled to 48kHz (44.1kHz CD). The response is therefore limited to–0.2dB/22kHz and–1