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Mice That Mar The Land
Our wired, watchful world struggles when ancient scourges overwhelm it. A mystifying pandemic strikes, wildfires tear across the land, surging floods bring us to a standstill. Technology that has eased, expedited and expanded our lives lags or is of
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Poetry In Poo
There is a hibernating hedgehog in the day-lily patch here at Lush Places. I came across its nest while clearing the patch, which was one task on the very long list that putting the garden to bed for the winter involves. In Auckland, which doesn’t ha
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Taking It Seriously
In a sequence of poems where he adopts the persona of Hamlet’s Polonius, Harry Ricketts writes, “Words may assuage / may even change your mind / but the past – that you may not leave behind.” The past is certainly not left behind in his Selected Poem