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Austen And Awareness
The charity which owns the cottage where Jane Austen lived in Chawton, Hampshire, now a museum known as Jane Austen’s House, recently announced that it would be updating some of the exhibits to better reflect the author’s times with regards to slaver
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Digital Non-fiction Market
Wargamer is a UK website that focuses on both traditional tabletop and board games and digital games. Editor Alex Evans is currently looking for new tabletop games freelancers, particularly BIPOC writers. The site publishes reviews, in-depth guides a
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Your Writing Critiqued
And along the little ways in the rain and lightning came a troupe of squalid merrymakers1 bearing a caged wyvern on shoulderpoles and other alchemical game, chimeras and cacodemons skewered up on boarspears2 and a pharmacopeia of hellish condiments a