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Nils Frahm: “When I Like Something I Want To Know Why; I Want To Understand The Principle”
“I suppose to challenge it,” we posit to Nils you can’t have true respect for something unless you’re willing Frahm. “Exactly,” he replies. “Exactly.” It feels good to have Frahm agree with us. Not only because his music is as much part of the What H
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At What Hi-Fi?, we often recommend investing in a decent entry-level phono stage to complement the growing market of budget record players, or as an upgrade to the phono stage built into the main amplifier. However, in doing so, we might be guilty of
What Hi-Fi?5 min readTechnology & Engineering
Nagra Classic Phono
Phono stage £17,500 The world of hi-fi is no different to any other industry, in that quality costs. However, after spending some considerable time with Nagra’s Classic Phono, we wish it didn’t cost quite so much. It’s not that the product’s sound do