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Onthe Disc
Pablo Escobar liked hippopotamuses so much he had four of them imported to the zoo at his Hacienda Napoles ranch. The Medellin Cartel may be no more, but the hippos continue to roam the jungles that have reclaimed their zoo. We like hippos too, but w
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Exploring Prestel
Thirty years ago the CERN European particle physics laboratory near Geneva in Switzerland released the first web browser. For the first time, the World Wide Web, which had been developed at CERN a couple of years earlier in 1989 by British scientist
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Prestel’s Legacy
It’s interesting to consider how Prestel might have impacted the development of the web and, in so doing, provided a legacy for today’s online society. We might think it could have created an appetite for an online data service, which fuelled the dev