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Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Tuesday, December 6
I HAVE BEEN DOING a research project to help a writer friend of mine. She is working on a book about Christians who have been martyred in the last century. It is not lighthearted research. There are no funny stories to be found. Most of the people we
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Tuesday, November 22
STORIES OF CONTRABAND PLANTS SMUGGLED from one place to another intrigue me: heirloom roses brought west by pioneer women in covered wagons, tomato seeds hidden under postage stamps, seed potatoes smuggled in horses’ feed bags, and garden seeds smugg
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Saturday, December 17
EVERY YEAR, I BAKE SCORES of Christmas cookies for friends and neighbors. They’ve come to expect them! This year I agonized over one customary recipient. Should I take cookies to my next-door neighbors? On prior holidays, our neighbors had brought us