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Here come the home chefs

 Late 2020 saw the launch of several platforms – Bristol’s All About the Cooks (AATC, allaboutthecooks.co.uk), Northampton’s GRUBie (grubie.co.uk) and

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Cook’s Notes
To crisp the pastry really well, preheat the oven on CircoTherm Intensive at 180C. Then, as you put the galette in the oven, change the setting to CircoTherm 160C and bake as above. This will ensure the base of the galette crisps quickly before the t
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BBQ 101 Which Charcoal Is Best?
There are two main options for charcoal. Briquettes are dense bricks of combustible biomass materials such as coal dust or sawdust. As they’re so densely packed they burn hot for a long time, making them great for grilling all afternoon. Keep your e
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3 To Try... Bottled Cocktails
£21.95/50cl, masterofmalt.com Negronis are synonymous with the herbaceous kick of gin but here vodka is used. The end result is rounded and citrussy. £24.95/four-pack, brewdog.com Featuring BrewDog gin and Regal Rogue vermouth, these riffs on