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Machine of the Month: Sega SC-3000 (1983)
YOU’LL NEED THIS BINARIES Binaries for Windows x86 are available online (, along with binaries for older Linux and DOS versions. Linux users may want to run newer Windows binaries through Wine. A MICROCOMPUTER? FROM SEGA? That m
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Jpeg Vs. Raw
There are many benefits to both JPEG and RAW—and, of course, there are more than just these two file formats to choose from. JPEG is one of the most commonly used image file formats you can find. In simple terms, JPEG is compressed, while RAW is unco
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Now you’re a little more informed about the types of printers available, what do you need to get them running? Well, your filament—or material—choices are certainly not in short supply, so let’s take a closer look. Filaments are essentially spools of