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World Of difference
Getting myself ready for another day in lockdown, my motivation to do anything was feeling pretty low. ‘Come on,’ my girlfriend Hayz said to me. ‘Let’s go for a walk!’ ‘Hmm,’ I sighed, unsure if I felt up to it. But I knew it would do me the world of
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Strike It!
On your bingo card, cross out all the numbers that appear on the balls. Read the letters beside the remaining numbers on your card from left to right to spell out your answer word. Answer on page 47. (Cross out: 9, 10, 13, 36, 37, 48, 50, 62, 75, 88)
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Men’s Health
Q I’ve had a persistent cough for the last few weeks. I took a PCR Covid-19 test and isn’t that. What could it be? Chris, Dorset A If you don’t have Covid-19 and you’ve had a cough lasting three weeks or more, then I would encourage you to contact yo