Fandom Can Be A Lot Like High School — Here's How To Avoid The Bad Stuff

Finding a supportive fandom — a group of people who love what you love — is a great experience. But some fan communities can be toxic, so here are a few tips for kids looking for fan connections.
Source: Running Press Kids

Supportive fandoms can be like "the best parts of high school." Here's how to avoid the bad

The first thing Kristen Lopez remembers being a fan of is Disney, specifically the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

"I remember celebrating my birthday ... and we all went and saw it, full disclosure, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 16 times in theaters to the point that I could memorize swaths of this movie," she says. "I look back on it now and I was like, 'god we were nerds,' but there was a lot of fun to it ... it was a feeling of understanding and camaraderie with my friends, they definitely understood and didn't look down on me."

Growing up disabled, Lopez says places like

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