As Many Entertainment Venues Start To Reopen, Nobody Does A Comeback Like The Movies

As the number of vaccinated Americans rises and the number of cases of COVID declines, Hollywood has started the back-to-cinemas drumroll — with mask-wearing superheroes leading the way.
Screenshot from Marvel's trailer for it's slate of movies on the horizon. Source: YouTube

With just two weeks to go before makes your local multiplex a less quiet place, Hollywood has started the back-to-cinemas drumroll. "There's nothing like that moment when the lights go down," growls Vin Diesel, channeling his inner Richard Attenborough in , the latest installment. "The projector ignites, and we believe." As he says this, a jeep explodes in flames, somersaulting over his car, and the implication is inescapable — you pretty much have to "Nobody does a comeback like the movies," Diesel continues. And he should know. This online appeal arrived just hours before the Oscars telecast, as Universal was preparing to release all eight of the previous F&F films in theaters, one per week to build excitement for 's opening at the end of June. Then from Matthew McConaughey during the Oscars, singing the praises of the more than 150,000 cinema employees who've suffered through "the longest intermission they could've ever imagined" — a reference to the closure of theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic — and are now eager to welcome patrons back.

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