iles Cameron switches from fantasy to space opera for (out now, Gollancz), which centres on a vast merchant vessel. When on-the-run orphan Marca poses as (out now, HarperVoyager) keep meeting over and over – but in different lives. First time, sparks fly in a bar. Other times they’re teacher and student, or colleagues, or father and daughter. But why? A hero with OCD is the USP of YA tale (out now, Unbound). When his mother is abducted by the shadowy Whiffetsnatcher, 11-year-old Rory goes in pursuit, encountering alien whales and a breakaway human civilisation on a Martian moon along the way. Brian Staveley’s epic fantasy (out now, Tor) opens the trilogy. It’s set in a world where elite soldiers ride war hawks; with their numbers dwindling, soldier Gwenna must voyage to the nesting grounds. We loved Mike Brooks’s , awarding it

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The Witcher: Blood Origin
UK/US Netflix, streaming now ▸ Showrunner Declan de Barra ▸ Cast Sophia Brown, Laurence O’Fuarain, Michelle Yeoh, Mirren Mack EPISODES 1.01-1.04 Big-budget fantasy prequels were all the rage in 2022, but this Witcher spin-off wields a power House Of
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Pick of the paperbacks this month: Jo Harkin’s TELL ME AN ENDING ( , 5January, Penguin). Its Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind-esque premise concerns Nepenthe, a chain of clinics who offer memory removal. After legal proceedings regarding resurfa
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The Unofficial Ghibli Cookbook
▸ RELEASED OUT NOW! 144 pages | Hardback ▸ Author Thibaud Villanova ▸ Publisher Titan Books ● We make this the fourth or fifth unofficial Ghibli cookbook, but it looks like the most authentic and elegant one. ● The author has written over 25 geek-the