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he difficult experience of feeling stuck between seemingly irreconcilable states is at the core of Chibundu Onuzo’s accomplished third novel. The mixed racial heritage of Sankofa’s fifty-something protagonist,

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Xi’s Abrasive Rhetoric, Sport’s Best Shots And Romance In Peckham
In his closing speech at China’s annual parliamentary meeting on Monday, Xi Jinping, the country’s most powerful leader in generations, had an ominous message for his people and for those listening beyond its borders. “After a century of struggle, ou
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Champions Dir: Bobby Farrelly This big-hearted underdog sports comedy runs on rails, with no great surprises, but it’s likable. It’s the story of Marcus (Woody Harrelson), a washed-up basketball coach with a booze problem who gets busted for drunk dr
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Country Diary
It’s well after teatime but we are working late, scanning yows. There is a regular clunk as the scanning crate doors open to let one yow out and another in. I have to juggle my spray cans so I use the right colour on the yow to show if she is carryin