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On one hand, there he was, stepping into the octagon at age 51 — to this day, the oldest man ever to fight in the UFC — a renowned karate expert and martial arts film star who bravely put his reputation on the line against men half his age. On the other hand, watching him struggle on the mat under a much younger Royce Gracie still generates a profound sense of What were you thinking?

“I did it because I wanted to do it and I thought it was a beautiful event,” Van Clief said. “There was no safety equipment, time limits or weight divisions. It was pure. I

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The press in India is reporting on a martial arts program now being employed by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, a force that guards the country’s border with China. The training is seen to be in direct response to a 2020 hand-to-hand combat clash bet
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Professional Fighters League Signs Jake Paul To MMA Contract
The Professional Fighters League has signed internet-influencer-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul to a contract to compete in MMA. Paul is supposed to appear in a new superfight category with bouts held outside the PFL’s normal tournament format and televis
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Unintended Consequences
Be skeptical when anyone suggests changes in your karate training. I’m not talking about changes that are a natural part of the progression of your training. When you began your karate practice, you had to spend long, tedious hours on the basics — li