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saac Fellman, author of and, under his pretransition first name, , won the (Penguin Books), which combines the best of ’90s culture and early internet fandom to weave the story of a budding relationship between a transgender vampire archivist and a widow as they traverse grief and identity. Fellman is the rarity who can combine romance and speculative fiction and appeal to the (queer) masses, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Holy Day
Rather than hunting for colorful eggs, thousands of demonstrators in West Hollywood took to the streets in colorful outfits this Easter. They marched to show their support for trans and drag communities currently under attack — as of April 9, at leas
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Vonté Abrams Brand Ambassador, Spiritualist, Singer
VONTÉ ABRAMS IS AN Atlanta-based writer, visual concept artist, classical singer, spiritualist, and “LGBTQ+ philosophe.” They recently added the role of brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton to this impressive list, and even got to sing in the choir for
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Michele Kirichanskaya Author
IN HIGH SCHOOL, Michele Kirichanskaya took a trip down a Google rabbit hole that led her to a word that perfectly summed up what she’d been feeling: asexuality. “Honestly, in terms of figuring out I was ace, it was relatively easy,” the queer Jewish