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Sweet Moves
AS A CHILD growing up in Fort Wayne, Alison Keefer sometimes helped in the kitchen. Mostly, she liked to eat. While perfect pie crusts and homemade noodles were part of Keefer’s Hoosier pedigree, the principal owner of the trio of Gallery Pastry dest
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Hidden Talents
IMAGINE IF your employer decided to showcase the artwork of its staff. The resul might be no more remarkable than the work on your neighbor’s refrigerator. That’s far from the case at Newfields, though, where Artists Among Us, its first all-staff exh
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Ensemble Cast
IF ROD JUAREZ has picked up on anything during his six years as part owner and general manager of New Albany’s live dining show, Mesa, it is that chefs crave feedback. “Just like an actor or musician,” he says. But chefs rarely get to see the look on