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The Devil Flower
The Devil Flower
The Devil Flower
Audiobook2 hours

The Devil Flower

Written by Will C. Knott

Narrated by Cameron Beierle

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Though its red hue was unusual, there was no sign of apocalyptic doom with the appearance of the KrentonBenton comet. The color was simply attributed to an abundance of dark carbonrich material at its core. In its wake the comet left a vast cosmic dust cloud sweeping toward Earth. Scientists predicted nothing more unusual than a little temporary disruption of the planet's communication and broadcast systems. Spectacular sunsets blaze each evening as Earth passes through the cloud, followed by the rise of a blood red moon, but even the unusual light fades and is soon forgotten. When scientists detect a significant rise in global pollen counts, it is only the beginning, for the comet left more behind then just space dust and light shows. Deep in the Amazon jungle something has taken root, and will soon make itself relentlessly known. As one small shoot breaks the surface of the jungle floor, horror begins to blossom.
Release dateAug 15, 2003
The Devil Flower

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