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About this audiobook

Rosalba is a nine-year-old Mayan girl living in rural Mexico. Like her mother and grandmother, she weaves stories of her people onto blouses, ensuring that the age-old traditions continue. But new influences are entering her life. A ladina girl from the city, visiting with her scientist father, passes on the astonishing news that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012. Rosalba knows nothing about that, but her village is faced with a bulldozer tearing through the forest, dying wildlife, and cornfields in danger. Rosalba's new friend tells her she must do something to help, but what? As she ponders, she dreams of an ancient Mayan boy, eyes bound in a shamanistic ritual, who hints at a way she can make her voice heard.

Interweaving a contemporary story with a mythical dream narrative, Carolyn Marsden spins a gripping tale of friendship, cultural identity, and urgent environmental themes.

Release dateSep 27, 2011

Carolyn Marsden

Carolyn Marsden grew up in Mexico City and Southern California. Although she wrote for adults for many years, she began to write for children after the birth of her daughters. She attended Vermont College and earned an MFA in Writing for Children. Her first book, The Gold-Threaded Dress (Candlewick), was a Booklist Top Ten Youth Novel of 2002. Her second novel, Silk Umbrellas, was a Texas Bluebonnet nominee and Booklist Top Ten Art Novel of 2003. Since then, Carolyn has published many more award-winning middle grade chapter books,almost all with multicultural themes. Her most recent books are Starfields (Candlewick), set in Chiapas, Mexico, and The White Zone (Carolrhoda), set in contemporary Baghdad.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
    Narrated by Adriana Sannanes, Sanjiv Jhaveri. Rosalba and her family have always followed the Mayan ways, maintaining their connection to the earth and doing what is required to please the earth lord. Rosalba meets Alicia, a ladina, who is camping in the area with her father and his fellow scientists. They are studying the die-off of frogs and toads in the area. Alicia encourages Rosalba to do something “big” to help save the frogs and the planet, but what can a Mayan village girl do? A special ancestor reaches Rosalba in a dream and inspires her to take action.

    Sananes has an authentic-sounding accent for Rosalba’s story, which helps especially when Spanish is used. She reads in a gentle voice that suggests Rosalba’s innocence and lack of awareness of what is going on outside her Mayan village and ways.

    Jhaveri reads the young shaman’s parts with a deep solemnity reflecting the serious and severe nature of the shamans’ sacrifices and rituals