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Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit
Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit
Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit
Audiobook1 hour

Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit

Written by Joan Carris

Narrated by David de Vries

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

The Bed and Biscuit animal boardinghouse has gone wild! Grampa Bender is temporarily caring for a wounded Canada goose, a cranky old muskrat, and two starving fox kits. Luckily Ernest, Grampa's capable mini-pig, is there to encourage the other animals to be good hosts. But the visiting creatures are wild, not tame, and they all just want to go home!

Despite the chaos, Ernest also takes on the training of Sir Walter the Scottie, the newest addition to Grampa's blended animal family. But, intrigued by the sassy fox kits, Sir Walter is turning a bit wild himself. Why should he obey Ernest? After all, no one tells the foxes what to do, and being wild and free is mighty appealing to the impressionable puppy....

From the author of Welcome to the Bed & Biscuit comes another raucous story of life in an engaging and quirky animal family.

Release dateSep 27, 2011
Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit

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