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Good Manners: Making People Feel Better
Good Manners: Making People Feel Better
Good Manners: Making People Feel Better
Audiobook1 hour

Good Manners: Making People Feel Better

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This audiobook focuses on how your good manners can promote better relations and results with other people. The author emphasizes that exhibiting good manners does not imply weakness though some may interpret your efforts that way. The point is that getting results is all about them, how to encourage others to do what you want. The audiobooks gives concrete advice about how to use good manners to deflect aggressive behavior, how to recognize after making your best efforts how to back off or cut off ties with people you just can't please or reach a common understanding with, and always sticking up for yourself--but doing so pleasantly. The audiobook then addresses how to do this in a series of circumstances ranging from meetings, family, table manners and travel, to guests and good gestures. It concludes, aptly for these times, about how to act in bad times.
Learn the art of good manners in only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction. These are the subjects covered:
1. Conversations: It's All About Them
2. Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
3. Backing Off or Cutting Ties
4. Sticking up for You
5. Meetings, Outside Events, and Public Situations
6. Dating and Family
7. Kids and the Informal Family
8. Table Manners
9. Travel: Table Manners on Steroids
10. Guest Duties
11. Gifts and Good Gestures
12. Bad Times
Release dateApr 19, 2007
Good Manners: Making People Feel Better

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