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Heaven Taken By Storm
Heaven Taken By Storm
Heaven Taken By Storm
Audiobook5 hours

Heaven Taken By Storm

Written by Thomas Watson

Narrated by David Cochran Heath

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Many today believe that the Christian life is rather easy to both obtain and live. But the Puritans saw it as warfare, as wrestling, as "holy violence," to use their term. The Apostle Paul spoke of beating his own body into subjection. And this holy violence is to be brought not only against one's self, but against Satan, the world, and heaven too. And in this confrontation, we must use the weapons God has given us-reading the Word, hearing the Word, prayer, meditation, self-examination, and the due observance of the Lord's Day. The writings of Thomas Watson, replete with sound doctrine, practical wisdom, and heart-searching application, need no introduction to readers of the Puritans. His profound spirituality, terse style, gripping remarks, practical illustrations, and beauty of expression make him one of the most irresistible, quotable, and devotional of all the Puritans. Heaven Taken By Storm is a precious little volume of practical Christian living and is one of our favorites of Puritan titles.

Release dateJul 1, 2011
Heaven Taken By Storm

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