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Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights
Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights
Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights
Audiobook2 hours

Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights

Written by Gary Paulsen

Narrated by Luke Daniels

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Carley would rather have been anywhere but here: a town deep in Minnesota's farm country, with nothing plentiful except poverty. Still, staying with his Uncle David and his family was better than reform school - which was where Carley was heading. Something was eating away at him, making him do crazy things. No one could understand why - least of all Carley himself. But then David took Carley to his blacksmith forge. And under the grim nights and days of the Minnesota fall, under the glow of hot steel, and the most exhausting work he had ever known, Carley began to see a way to shape his life.

Release dateAug 20, 2012
Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights

Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen wrote more than 175 books and some 200 articles and short stories for children and adults. He is considered one of the most important writers for young adults. Three of his novels—Hachet, Dogsong, and The Winter Room—were Newbery Honor books, and his works frequently appeared on the best books lists of the American Library Association. Paulsen passed away in 2021.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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