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Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love
Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love
Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love
Audiobook5 hours

Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love

Written by Betty J. Eadie

Narrated by Betty J. Eadie

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

I wrote the New York Times best seller, The Awakening Heart, because of a tremendous outpouring of love and questions created by my first book Embraced by the Light, which had become an international and New York Times best seller. Its audience responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, love and trust. Many wrote to share intimate details of their own lives that led me to answer their concerns with more of mine, but within an approach they could more easily relate to. I felt sharing more of my life was like sharing with loving friends.

The Awakening Heart is a work of love, but at times it took all that I had to write it. I am a private person, so sharing more about myself, especially after being in the public spotlight, was difficult and challenging. Yet, I "knew" that my continuing journey here is not about me. I am to teach others not to fear, but to have hope in God. My commitment to God is sometimes a struggle, however, I can't quit, I won't quit! The Awakening Heart can build your trust and personal relationship with God. And in doing so, it will enhance your life through your own "awakening".

The Awakening Heart answers hundreds of questions — perhaps one of them is yours? Questions such as: What does Jesus look like? What was it like to die or what was it like coming back? Did you see family there? What about different religions, races, gay people, premonitions, dreams, spirit contact, and letting go of those about to die? What about hell...and much more...

In Embraced by the Light, I give an account of my experience in the spirit world. In The Awakening Heart, I write what it is like to return to this world that seemed loveless. I tell of my deepest grief and heartache that led me into severe depression, which led to agoraphobia. I write of lessons learned and eventual understanding of them, and of the miracles to my healing. And from that healing, I was able to write Embraced by the Light.

A Simon & Schuster audio production.

Release dateOct 18, 2011
Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love

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Rating: 4.833333333333333 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Very inspiring continuation from her first novel, Embraced by the Light. It talks about her struggles and highlights while on tour for her first book, and her gradual enlightenment on her journey. A lot of what she discovers along the way, not only from her own near death experiences, but also from others, really rings true for me and does answer a few questions I had. God bless her! :)
  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
    To be honest I'm not the best person to read this, my perception of the divine isn't the same as hers and this did slightly colour my reading of this book. It's the continuance of her story as told in Embraced by the Light and how she preached her message and found more satisfaction in God and her mission on earth. Very christo-centric and not really my cup of tea but interesting nevertheless.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Oh WOW what an incredible message to share with the world! I kept rewinding and re-listening to all the beautiful parts. This book is a real eye opener! It's like feeling the warmth from the sun at the dawn of a new day...an incredible help to those in the midst of awakening. Thankyou for not quitting!