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There But For The: a novel
There But For The: a novel
There But For The: a novel
Audiobook7 hours

There But For The: a novel

Written by Ali Smith

Narrated by Anne Flosnik

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

At a dinner party in the posh London suburb of Greenwich, Miles Garth suddenly leaves the table midway through the meal, locks himself in an upstairs room, and refuses to leave. An eclectic group of neighbors and friends slowly gathers around the house, and the story of Miles is one told from the points of view of four of them: a woman in her forties called Anna, a man in his sixties called Mark, a woman in her eighties called May, and a ten-year-old child called Brooke. The thing is . . . none of these people knows Miles anything more than glancingly. So how much is it possible to know about a stranger? And what are the consequences of even the most casual, most fleeting meetings we have every day with other human beings?

Brilliantly audacious, disarmingly playful, full of Smith’s trademark wit and puns, There But For The is a deft exploration of the human need for separation—from our pasts and from one another—and the redemptive possibilities for connections.

Release dateSep 21, 2011
There But For The: a novel

Ali Smith

Ali Smith (Inverness, 1964) Tuvo una madre irlandesa, un padre inglés y una educación escocesa (hasta que comenzó su doctorado en Newnham College, Cambridge). A los veinte años, después de que un debilitante ataque de síndrome de fatiga crónica descarrilara su carrera académica, comenzó a escribir. Ahora, autora de ocho novelas y seis colecciones de cuentos, crea lo que podría llamarse ficción experimental, pero con un estilo fácil, agradable y de emocionante lectura. Escribe en The Guardian, The Scotsman y el Times Library Supplement.

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