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Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story
Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story
Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story
Audiobook8 hours

Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story

Written by Scott Rigsby and Jenna Glatzer

Narrated by Jon Gauger

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

After losing both of his legs in a car accident at age 18, Scott Rigsby battled his way back from depression and addiction to achieve the unthinkable: he became the first double-leg amputee ever to cross the finish line in the sporting world's most grueling and prestigious competition, the Ironman Triathlon.

Scott has since become an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of physically challenged and able-bodied athletes the world over. Unthinkable documents Scott's remarkable journey.

From the scene of the devastating crash that claimed both of his legs, and his subsequent battle with depression and alcohol addiction, through his dawning realization that God had a greater plan for his life, listeners will be inspired. From his decision to participate in the Ironman competition, to the moment he crossed the finish line, listeners will engage with Scott's unthinkable courage, determination and faith.

©2009 Scott Rigsby; (P)2009 Oasis

PublisherOasis Audio
Release dateOct 15, 2009
Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Great! I highly recommend reading/listening to Scott’s fearless life with so many obstacles! What a great inspiration to everyone - especially people with disabilities. We all face obstacles in life and he is a great example on how to overcome the “UnThinkable” ones. Great job Scott! You’ve changed so many lives! What a legacy! I’m proud of you! Thank you!