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Dying to Tell
Dying to Tell
Dying to Tell
Audiobook10 hours

Dying to Tell

Written by Rita Herron

Narrated by Tanya Eby

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

What happened to Sadie Nettleton's twin sister at the psychiatric hospital all those years ago?

Sadie Nettleton fled Slaughter Creek ten years ago, leaving behind the only home she'd ever known-and the only man she ever loved. Unable to cope with her sister's madness, or the terrible secret she and her sister share, Sadie swore never to return. But when her grandfather is murdered, and her sister charged with the crime, Sadie has no choice but to come back and face the ghosts of the past....

For Sheriff Jake Blackwood, time has not dimmed the love he felt for Sadie Nettleton-or the pain of her leaving. Now that she's back, he's determined to help her uncover the truth about her grandfather's death and what happened to her sister at the asylum. As their investigation leads them deeper into a world of secrets, lies, and betrayal in Slaughter Creek, Sadie becomes the target of a madman who will do anything to keep the truth buried. Jake would give his life to protect Sadie. But can he again risk giving her his heart?

Release dateDec 25, 2012
Dying to Tell

Rita Herron

Award-winning author Rita Herron wrote her first book when she was twelve, but didn’t think real people grew up to be writers. Now she writes so she doesn’t have to get a real job. A former kindergarten teacher and workshop leader, she traded storytelling to kids for writing romance. She lives in Georgia with her own romance hero. She loves to hear from readers, so please visit her website, www.ritaherron.com.

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Reviews for Dying to Tell

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars

5 ratings2 reviews

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
    Although the plot was passable, the book requires major editing and proofreading. Character names are frequently confused. Grammatical errors, misspellings, and poorly constructed thoughts abound. I can usually overlook these when they are minor, but these errors were so abundant that it was distracting. Impossible situations are explained poorly at best. I can't believe this was a Kindle 25.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    This was a creepy, twisted thriller that I can't tell you very much about because almost anything I could say would be a spoiler. Sadie Nettleton comes back home to Slaughter Creek after her mentally ill sister apparently kills their grandfather. But it isn't that simple.Sadie Nettleton ran from Slaughter Creek after a disturbing incident that happened when she was seventeen. She moved to San Francisco and became a psychiatric therapist who uses art therapy to help children who are the victims of crimes. When she ran, she left behind Jake Blackwood - the love of her life, her twin sister Amelia, and her grandfather.Amelia Nettleton has alternate personalities including three-year-old Bessie, sexpot Viola, and teenage rebel Skid. She has been in and out of the Slaughter Creek sanitarium since she was three years old. She has spent years in a drugged haze.Jake Blackwood has come back to Slaughter Creek after years in the military because he wants to find out what happened to his father who disappeared at almost the same time Sadie left him and to find a safe place to raise his motherless daughter Ayla. His experiences with Sadie and Ayla's mother have given him a firm distrust in women. He is also the sheriff who has to deal with the murder.This twisted tale has murders, secret government projects, and lots of danger and suspense. It was a great thriller that sent chills up my spine on more than one occasion. I thought it was a less successful romance mainly because the event that caused Sadie to run and never look back was the sort of romantic deal-breaker that would be very hard to get over. Telling you what is was would be a spoiler even though it happens early in the book.Read this one if you are looking for a complex, psychological thriller that will send chills up your spine.