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Damned in Paradise
Damned in Paradise
Damned in Paradise
Audiobook10 hours

Damned in Paradise

Written by Max Allan Collins

Narrated by Dan John Miller

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In 1931, Nate Heller-on a leave of absence from the Chicago P.D.-goes to Hawaii to work as an investigator for family friend Clarence Darrow. One of five Honolulu natives accused of the rape of recent bride Thalia Massie has been murdered; facing murder charges are Thalia's naval officer husband and her socialite mother. Something doesn't seem right, and Darrow has brought Heller in to get to the bottom of it. A first-rate detective thriller, Max Allan Collins' Damned in Paradise shimmers with authenticity as it drives inexorably towards its grave conclusion. Heller-aided by Chang Apana, the real-life model for Charlie Chan-determines that while Thalia surely was raped, the identity of her attackers are in question, and the lush tropical setting cannot dispel the morass of bigotry, lies, and revenge through which the young detective must wade to reach the bitter truth.
Release dateMar 13, 2012
Damned in Paradise

Max Allan Collins

Max Allan Collins is an award-winning writer of mysteries, comics, thrillers, screenplays, and historical fiction. His graphic novel Road to Perdition was the basis for the 2002 Academy Award–winning film by the same name. Collins cofounded the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers and studied at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He collaborated with Mickey Spillane on several projects and is completing a number of the Mike Hammer novels that Spillane left unfinished. Collins lives in Iowa with his wife, author Barbara Collins.  

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