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In the Ravine, and Other Short Stories
In the Ravine, and Other Short Stories
In the Ravine, and Other Short Stories
Audiobook3 hours

In the Ravine, and Other Short Stories

Written by Anton Chekhov

Narrated by Kenneth Branagh

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Here are twelve short stories by Anton Chekhov, one of the finest masters of what is acknowledged to be a difficult genre. There is the richly comic Oh! The Public, about a hassled ticket inspector, a wry look at morals and manners in The Chorus Girl, and the melancholic tale of a cab driver in Misery. Perhaps the finest of all is the novella In The Ravine, a minutely observed look at life in a village through the eyes of one family. All the characters come to life with their foibles, their strengths and their hopes. Kenneth Branagh uses his natural talent for characterisation to bring this village to life.

Editor's Note

Two masters...

Two masters of their respective arts join forces in this collection of twelve of Chekhov’s greatest short stories, as narrated by the incomparable Kenneth Branagh.

Release dateJun 1, 2002
In the Ravine, and Other Short Stories

Anton Chekhov

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904) was a Russian doctor, playwright, and author. His best known works include the plays The Seagull (1896), Uncle Vanya (1900), and The Cherry Orchard (1904), and the short stories “The Lady with the Dog,” “Peasants,” and “The Darling.” One of the most influential and widely anthologized writers in Russian history, Chekhov spent most of his career as a practicing physician and devoted much of his energy to treating the poor, free of charge. He died of tuberculosis in 1904.  

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