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Seeing God in the Simple Things

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Can you imagine how the movie Men in Black II could lead to a better understanding of Christ's humanity? Ever wonder how God views our grief when we lose a pet? How can M&Ms teach a child about mercy and redemption? Find answers to these questions and more.

We all live on the same planet. We all have the same sun above us, the same air around us, and the same earth under our feet. But sometimes we forget that God surrounds us as closely as the air we breathe.

The stories and insights in this book will show you that He is around you all the time-all you have to do is stop and look.

Katherine Weaver's inspirational book, Seeing God in the Simple Things, will show you a different way of looking at the situations we all find ourselves in-a way of finding God in the everyday things. This book takes you on a journey through a series of challenging events in the author's life. There were highs and lows, frustrations and breakthroughs. But through it all she learned to just look around, and she could always find a way to see God in the simple things.

'An inspirational journey with Jesus through the realities of life's trials and blessings, both encouraging and insightful.'
-Mark Harner, Pastor and Director of Ministry, Madras Gospel Mission

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