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Purposefully Purposed: A Christian's Viewpoint

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Do you know where you are heading in life? More importantly, do you know why you are on this path? Purposefully Purposed: A Christians Viewpoint de-clutters and demystifies Gods message, clarifying why He intentionally fashioned each of us for very specific purposes. By revealing the keys to finding your lifes intent and purpose, author Vanessa Barnes offers a journey of self and selfless discoverya journey that will teach you to ground your life in the only sure thing we know. You need not wait to be in the right place at the right time to attain a fulfilling and gratifying life. Purposefully Purposed will elevate an intoxicating comprehension of the fact that all places are all right all of the time when you are living on and with purposeGods purpose, that is. Take a plunge, be immersed, and exchange your doubts and fears to be personally escorted into lifes true meaning.

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