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New Age Movement, The: What in God's or Satan's Name is It?: Further Along the Road Less Traveled

55 minutes


Further Along the Road Less Traveled takes the lectures of Dr. Peck and presents his profound insights into the issues that confront and challenge all of us today: spirituality, forgiveness, relationships, and growing up. In this aid for living less simplistically, you will learn not to look for the easy answers but to think multidimensionally. You will learn to reach for the "ultimate step," which brings you face to face with your personal spirituality. It will be this that helps you appreciate the complexity that is life.

Continue the journey of personal and spiritual growth with this wise and insightful audiobook.

Although New Age teachings do have real values, Peck warns that its followers are often misled into throwing out all that was right in their previous beliefs just to enjoy the fruits of the movement.

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