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Social Media in the Classroom: 30-Minute Interview with Rick Sheridan

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In this 30-minute interview, Dr. Rick Sheridan - a longtime university professor and author of the book - Social Media in the Classroom, helps teachers understand why using social media in the classroom is so important, and the effective ways to use it.

Topics include:

Why is social media use in the classroom so valuable for both teachers and students? Ways to promote cultural understanding. Developing an online portfolio. What can students and teachers do to protect their privacy online? Learn about some of Google's many features besides the search engine. Getting shy students to participate. How to evaluate students on their social media experiences, and much more.

Dr. Rick Sheridan is a professor of Mass Media Communications at Wilberforce University in Ohio. Dr. Sheridan has also taught at California State University - Sacramento and Butte College. He has a master's degree in Media Arts, and has received awards for both his teaching and his web design.

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