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Hidden Passage: Lost in a Canyon Paradise and Bound by Sin, Will They Find Their Way Home and to the Savior Who Can

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Until Karen Wright showed up in their secluded valley, the canyon people thought they were trapped. They had almost given up hope of ever seeing their families again because the only known passages out of the canyon were guarded by giant ape-like creatures. But Karen had found her way into the canyon through a hidden passage, a passage not guarded by the intimidating beasts.

God had richly provided for the canyon people. No doubt he had something to do with the Benson family's confinement in the canyon, for they were his children; and they had quietly planted seeds of faith among the others. When Karen arrived, she watered the seeds, for she too was a child of God; and faith began to germinate. Read Esther Mesterton's incredibly imaginative story Hidden Passage to find out the answer and more.

Hidden Passage is a story of love and faith, of humanity's need for salvation, and God's marvelous plan of redemption.

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