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The Isle of Octavia: Gross Darkness

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At the epicenter of the world lies the kingdom of Deaminsville, and rising from obscurity to its emperor is the cunning and mysterious Umanga. Is he just a ruthless dictator, or is he something more sinister? As people from all walks of life rise up in defiance of his tyrannical rule, a small group of fighters from all walks of life ban together under the leadership of a disposed king and the hope for a better life. In Gross Darkness, the first installment of The Isle of Octavia series, author Christopher Lawson paints a vivid world plagued by fear and doubt, where hope lies in a sword buried in antiquity and knowledge of days gone by. Through colorful worlds, memorable characters and the ultimate story of survival, readers will plunge into this tightly woven fantasy, discovering that sometimes the best way to battle the here and now is to consider those gone before.

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