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Persecuted Saints within the Church Walls

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Persecuted Saints Within the Church Walls is just the first in a series of books that will unlock the prison doors that have been placed around God’s anointed, and will set the captives free to find the path laid out for them. In Persecuted Saints Within the Church Walls, author Teresa Myers reveals the danger of our sanctuary walls becoming our prison and answers many of the unanswered questions the majority of Christians have; what does it mean to follow Christ within the church walls, and, does being obedient to Christ mean that you must obey everything the church leadership tells you to do? These questions and many more are addressed, which will leave you wondering if you are one of the……. Persecuted Saints.

Author Teresa Myers has been a devoted wife and mother over the last 25 years. After home schooling her four children through high school, she decided to continue her own education. She attends Liberty University progressing towards the completion of her Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies which she will receive in May 2008. After this, Teresa will concentrate on her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling. Her determination to raise her children to be fair and compassionate in this day of self-obsessions has been tested by those in the church who have attempted to stifle the anointing and silence what God has revealed to her in dreams and visions. Teresa and her husband, Bob, live in the quaint little town of Lake Park, NC where she continues to write her books. Teresa also dedicates her time to the community by serving as a Board Member on the Home Owners Association as well as serving as Chairperson of the Welcoming Committee.

If you would like to email Teresa Myers you can reach her at or you can visit her web site at

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