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Devil's Manhunt: Golden Age Stories

2 hours


In the Arizona territory, every mountain hides a fortune—and every man fends for himself.

Tim Beckdolt, rangy and self-reliant, is as American as the frontier itself. But after spending eight treacherous months digging $175,000 in gold out of Desperation Peak — all he has left is desperation. Two sadistic strangers have taken his gold, and now they want to take his life. He's on the run—the target of a Devil's Manhunt.

In a time and a place where the only law is the law of survival, Beckdolt will have to live by his wits … or die by the bullet.

Also includes two additional Western tales: Johnny, the Town Tamer, the story of a local swindler who meets his match; and Stranger in Town, in which a drifter confronts a corrupt sheriff … and his own dark past.

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