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WWII Airmen: Amazing Accounts of Airmen Recorded During the War

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These amazing accounts of airmen recorded during the war include stories of air combat, music of the time, and recordings made on bomb runs over Europe and Japan.

Eagles over Europe: (1) Introduction; (2) AAF Intro; (3) Bomb run over Germany, A-26; (4) Lt. Gilman, AT-9 Trainer; (5) Lt. Anderson, AT-7 Trainer; (6) Jack the Ripper air raid; (7) Song of the Bombardier; (8) RAF Pilot: Bostonize; (9) Rescue over the North Sea; (10) Lt. Anderson, A-20; (11) Bomb run over Italy, B-25; (12) Lt. Ace White, P-38 (13) P-51 team in Germany; (14) P-47 ground attack; (15) Last dog fight over Germany; (16) Eulogy for Dick Bong; (17) Airman's escape; (18) Song: I'll Be Seeing You; (19) German cities damage report; (20) Song: Haleluia; (21) A farmer returning home

Silver wings over the pacific: (22) C-54 loading for the Pacific 23. Wind powered laundry; (24) Cpt. Reed, B-17; (25) Lt. Glendening, B-24; (26) Lt. Kohn, A-20; (27) What's in a Name? P-61s; (28) Lone Wolf Mission, B-25; (29) Song: Spirit of the Air Corps; (30) Chinese-American P-40 pilot; (31) Low-altitude bomb run, A-20; (32) Song: Hail to the Squadron; (33) Bomb run over Formosa, B-24 (34) Medal of Honor: Eugene Irwin; (35) Bomb run over Japan, B-29; (36) Visit with wives of crew; (37) Song: Head in the Clouds; (38) Loading two-millionth bomb; (39) Tokyo damage report; (40) Song: Blue Skies; (41) Dropping the first atom bomb

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