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Red Phoenix

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From the author who collaborated with Tom Clancy on Red Storm Rising, this is the book that dares to show us the military hardware, global upheavals, and raw combat a second Korean War would unleash. How F-16s would blast across the 38th Parallel. How ultra-modern submarines would vie for the seas. And how two armies would turn the snowfields of Asia red with blood. A thundering geopolitical thriller of vast scope, this is Red Phoenix-and a new standard for military/political suspense fiction.

"A big, big book.… A superb storyteller…Larry Bond seems to know everything about warfare, from the grunt in a foxhole to the fighter pilots far above the earth.… Red Phoenix is wonderfully entertaining and deserves to be the bestseller it is." -New York Times Book Review

"Gripping…masterfully accurate…Mr. Bond is in complete command." -Baltimore Sun

"Harrowingly real and persuasive." -Newsday

"A direct hit! The techno-thriller has a new ace, and his name is Larry Bond." -Tom Clancy

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