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Star and the Book of Treasures

6 hours


Her biggest dream has just come true, but her troubles have only begun.

Fifteen-year-old Star McKenzie is an orphan who has never been able to find a place to truly call home. When she accidentally volunteers to spend her Christmas break on an ancient history dig in the desert of modern-day Iraq, Star is far from excited. Then she uncovers one of the most important scrolls in history and hopes fame and fortune will finally end her foster care nightmares.

Star and the Book of Treasures, the second book in The Living Tale Series, is a fun, fantastical adventure about healing the orphan heart. Jump in to the Living Tale and meet a new cast of characters while reuniting with familiar faces from the past, including young Henley Banks, who is searching for his own hero's heart. Readers will learn, along with Star and Henley, that we can all be part of a powerful, healing family.

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