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Negotiate Anything
Negotiate Anything
Negotiate Anything
Audiobook59 minutes

Negotiate Anything

Written by Deaver Brown

Narrated by Deaver Brown

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This audiobook focuses on best practices in negotiating. It encourages listeners to include other noteworthy works in their study of negotiating. Above all the author encourages negotiators to keep their balance in negotiations by focusing on negotiating enough but not too much, concentrating on the interests of the parties not the individual personalities, and how to use a negotiation as a learning process. Above all, the author urges, listen to the other side, seek to restate their position in a manner acceptable to them, then work towards the best negotiated solution possible. Listeners have found the specific lists helpful in improving their negotiation skills: Client Types, 8 Negotiation Skills, Negotiation Traits, 9 Tips, and 3 Don'ts. The audiobook also addresses specific negotiations regarding auctions, developing managers, hiring people, collecting money, and selling customers.
Learn the art of negotiating in 60 minutes of conversation and instruction. These are the subjects covered:
1. You Don't Negotiate Enough: Part 1
2. You Don't Negotiate Enough: Part 2
3. Don't Negotiate Too Much: Part 1
4. Don't Negotiate Too Much: Part 2
5. Learn from Others/Knowledge Is Power
6. Positional Bargaining
7. When You've Failed in Negotiations
8. Negotiate on the Merits
9. Focus on the Interests, Not the People: Part 1
10. Focus on the Interests, Not the People: Part 2
11. Client Types
12. Eight Negotiation Skills
13. Negotiation Traits
14. Nine Tips or Advice
15. Three Don'ts
16. Beware of These Tactics
17. Your Negotiation Patterns
18. Auctions
19. Developing Managers
20. Hiring People
21. When Collecting Money
Release dateApr 19, 2007
Negotiate Anything

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