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Punctuation Guide: 60 Minutes to Better Writing
Punctuation Guide: 60 Minutes to Better Writing
Punctuation Guide: 60 Minutes to Better Writing
Audiobook44 minutes

Punctuation Guide: 60 Minutes to Better Writing

Written by Deaver Brown

Narrated by Deaver Brown

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

What you need to know about punctuation as taught widely in high school and grade schools. As the author says, "It is far easier to improve your writing by using proper punctuation than by studying grammar, a far more complex subject."
The author scopes out the project to assure the listener that this is not as challenging as they may fear. He states that there are only 13 punctuation marks in English, and only three are truly troublesome: the sentence bridges which include the comma, colon, and semi-colon. As the author suggests, you should focus on the tracks that really matter, the sentence bridges, and give less attention to the other 10. What is so helpful to the listener is the clear differentiation between the important punctuation marks, how to work effectively with them, and how to avoid issues with your meaning.
The introduction is especially helpful, "Fix your writing through better punctuation." Following that, the author covers the three sentence endings: the period, question mark, and exclamation point; the three sentence bridges: the comma, colon, and semi-colon; and the others: the apostrophe, bracket, dash, ellipsis, hyphen, parentheses, and quotation marks. In just 60 minutes your writing will be more crisp and effective - no small thing!
The 14 tracks are: 1. Fix Your Writing through Better Punctuation. 2. Sentence Endings: Period. 3. Sentence Endings: Question Mark. 4. Sentence Endings: Exclamation Point. 5. Sentence Bridges: Comma. 6. Sentence Bridges: Colon. 7. Sentence Bridges: Semicolon. 8. The Others: Apostrophe. 9. The Others: Bracket. 10. The Others: Dash. 11. The Others: Ellipsis. 12. The Others: Hyphen. 13. The Others: Parentheses. 14. The Others: Quotation Marks.
Release dateDec 3, 2008
Punctuation Guide: 60 Minutes to Better Writing

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