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Singularity: Star Carrier: Book Three
Singularity: Star Carrier: Book Three
Singularity: Star Carrier: Book Three
Audiobook12 hours

Singularity: Star Carrier: Book Three

Written by Ian Douglas

Narrated by Nick Sullivan

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

There is an unseen power in the universe-a terrible force that was dominating the galaxy tens of thousands of years before the warlike Sh'daar were even aware of the existence of Sol and its planets.

As humankind approaches the Singularity,when transcendence will be achieved throughtechnology, contact will be made.

In the wake of the near destruction of the solar system, the political powers on Earth seek a separate peace withan inscrutable alien life form that no one has ever seen.But Admiral Alexander Koenig, the hero of Alphekka,has gone rogue, launching his fabled battlegroup beyond the boundaries of Human Space against all orders.With Confederation warships in hot pursuit, Koenig istaking the war for humankind's survival directlyto a mysterious omnipotent enemy.

Release dateAug 14, 2012

Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas is the author of the popular military SF series The Heritage Trilogy, The Legacy Trilogy, and The Inheritance Trilogy. A former naval corpsman, he lives in Pennsylvania.

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