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Six-Gun Caballero: Golden Age Stories

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He's handsome. He's charming. He's a total gentleman ... and he's totally outgunned and outnumbered. He's Michael Patrick Obañon.

Obañon's lost his inheritance—a 100,000-acre New Mexico spread—and he could lose his life if he's not careful. A ruthless band of renegades have seized his land, and he's determined to get it back. Obañon's got one secret weapon: his fierce intelligence. He can't out-shoot the outlaws, so he'll have to find a way to outwit them....

Part Irish, part Mexican, Michael Patrick Obañon is as American as they come—crafty, confident, and cool under fire. It may be one man against the world, but before he's done the world will know how the West will be won.

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