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Grave Consequences
Grave Consequences
Grave Consequences
Audiobook15 minutes

Grave Consequences

Written by Allan Zullo

Narrated by John Ratzenberger

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Grave Consequences from the Haunted Kids spine-chilling audiobook collection by Allan Zullo of true ghost stories that have happened to real kids. A perfect way to set the tone for Halloween or anytime you want an eerie tale to keep you up at night!

Listen in as actor John Ratzenberger tells the following story: Grave Consequences

A boy knocks over a gravestone of a kid who shares his name. Then the boy is terrorized at home by a ghostly kid. Not until the boy returns to the cemetery and puts the tombstone back up does the haunting stop.
Release dateSep 20, 2008
Grave Consequences

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