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Plant People
Plant People
Plant People
Audiobook (abridged)1 hour

Plant People

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Something strange is moving into the house behind Rachel Pearson's - and only she knows it.

While exploring the vacant house, Rachel comes across some weird looking plants. They are large, green shells that have blossomed. . . letting whatever was inside them out.

Then, two months later, the Smith family moves into the empty house. They're very odd people. Not only do Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their two weird children, Jane and Richard, look unsettling, they act strange as well. Jane seems to have a taste for bugs, while Richard disappears late at night with a shovel in hand, only to return early the next morning. It's made Rachel very suspicious.

But soon that suspicion turns to fear when strange things happen to those who come into contact with the Smiths. Kids get sick. Parents disappear. And plants come to life.

Now no one's left to believe Rachel, except for the Smiths. . .

Release dateJun 25, 2007
Plant People

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