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Lips Touch: Three Times
Lips Touch: Three Times
Lips Touch: Three Times
Audiobook7 hours

Lips Touch: Three Times

Written by Laini Taylor

Narrated by Cassandra Campbell

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A girl who's always been in the shadows finds herself pursued by the unbelievably attractive new boy at school, who may or may not be the death of her. Another girl grows up mute because of a curse placed on her by a vindictive spirit, and later must decide whether to utter her first words to the boy she loves and risk killing everyone who hears her if the curse is real. And a third girl discovers that the real reason for her transient life with her mother has to do with belonging - literally belonging - to another world entirely, full of dreaded creatures who can transform into animals, and whose queen keeps little girls as personal pets until they grow to childbearing age.

From a writer of unparalleled imagination and emotional insight, three stories about the deliciousness of wanting and waiting for that moment when lips touch.

Release dateDec 20, 2010
Lips Touch: Three Times

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