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This I Believe: Life Lessons
This I Believe: Life Lessons
This I Believe: Life Lessons
Audiobook1 hour

This I Believe: Life Lessons

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Moving and powerful first-person stories explore the beliefs and principles by which Americans live and the universal truths they have learned. Heard on public radio, they offer wisdom, guidance, and inspiration for any and all.

Broadcast weekly on Bob Edwards’ SiriusXM Satellite Radio and public radio shows, This I Believe features the voices, personal experiences, and profound insights of students, educators, politicians, artists, executives, the struggling and the successful. These diverse, engaging essays are valuable lessons for those just starting out or anyone dealing with life’s challenges. Whether penned by the famous or the previously unknown, they reveal the American spirit at its best.

  • Introduction by Dan Gediman
  • Howard White: “The Power of Hello”
  • Catherine McDowall: “Everyone Is Included”
  • Jim Haynes: “Inviting the World to Dinner”
  • Alicia M. Conill: “Listening Is Powerful Medicine”
  • William Wissemann: “Accomplishing Big Things in Small Pieces”
  • Dani Weathers: “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”
  • Eve Birch: “The Art of Being a Neighbor”
  • Felipe Morales: “A Priceless Lesson in Humility”
  • Christine Little: “A Kind and Generous Heart”
  • Karin Round: “Opening the Door of Mercy”
  • Troy Chapman: “Caring Makes Us Human”
  • Stephanie Disney: “Seeing with the Heart”
  • Lex Urban: “Finding Out What’s Under Second Base”
  • Andrew Flewelling: “A Grace of Silence”
  • Laura Durham: “Grace Is a Gift”
  • Colin Bates: “Our Vulnerability Is Our Strength”
  • Juliet Frerking: “A Drive to Achieve the Extraordinary”
  • Geoffrey Canada: “A Taste of Success”
  • Nancy Pieters Mayfield: “Satisfaction With a Job Well Done”
  • Andrew Paradis: “Semper Fidelis”
  • Paul Thorn: “Walking in the Light”
  • Madhukar Rao: “An Invitation to Dialogue”
  • Christine Todd Whitman: “To Hear Your Inner Voice”
  • Mark Olmsted: “The Courage to Change the Things I Can”
  • Brighton Earley: “Finding the Flexibility to Survive”
  • Joan Skiba: “Patriotic Ponderings”
  • Robin Mize: “Finding Our Common Ground”
  • Jeff Nixa: “A Good Neighborhood”
  • Carla Saulter: “Bus Chick’s Manifesto”
  • Sudie Bond Noland: “The True Value of Life”
  • LanguageEnglish
    Release dateOct 11, 2011
    This I Believe: Life Lessons

    Dan Gediman

    Dan Gediman is the executive producer of This I Believe. His work has been heard on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Fresh Air, Marketplace, Jazz Profiles, and This American Life. He has won many of public broadcasting’s most prestigious awards, including the duPont-Columbia Award.

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
      I’ve always enjoyed the NPR series This I Believe. It provides great perspective and can provide some great life advice. I remember the first book that came out. I got it in audiobook from the library, each story read from the author. Great leaders, thinkers, everyday people, and even some from the original series in the 1950s participated. Over time, I stopped listening and reading them. I think the stories from everyday people are just as powerful, sometimes even moreso. In this edition, it’s all stories like that. While many of them are very powerful, there are also many that seem to be reaching. Some seemed to make their story more than what it was. It reminds me of the early years of MTV’s The Real World. After the first few seasons, it was less a documentary about different people trying to live together and more about getting on the show to be a big star (and now it’s infected all sorts of reality shows). While many of the stories are illuminating, there are just as many that fall into this latter category. Favorite Parts:(From Caring Makes us Human)“There’s a lot of talk about what’s wrong with prisons in America. We need more programs; we need more psychologists or treatment of various kinds. Some evern talk about making prisons more kind, but I think what we really need is a chance to practice kindness ourselves, not receive it, but give it.”“…but by simply saying, “I need some help here,” he did something important for us. He needed us—and we needed to be needed. I believe we all do.” (p24)(from Peace can Happen)“Peace starts right here. Peace starts with you and me. It starts today.” She was right. I didn’t have to suffer personally in order to understand the pain of others. I believe that through compassion, peace can happen. It echoes from the heart of a single individual.” P. 31(from Walking in the Light)“I started to believe that no one is capable of knowing God’s specific identity, so I decided to seek him down my own path, because I believe that’s what he wants me to do.”“The higher power I now pray to gives me love, joy, and comfort. And I’m not afraid of him. I had to break away from the God I was supposed to believe in to find the God I could believe in.” p. 44(from I Could be Wrong)“The real error is to be too certain to see my mistkaes. Certainty becomes a prison for my mind. Humble uncertainty lets the truth emerge.” P. 69