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Another Life
Another Life
Another Life
Audiobook9 hours

Another Life

Written by Andrew Vachss

Narrated by Christopher Lane

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

The only person Burke has ever called "father," a legendary crime planner known throughout the underground as the Prof, is in a coma, barely clinging to life in the off-the-books hospital where the crew stashed him after their last job went off the rails. So when Pryce, a shadow-man with deep (and very dark) government connections, offers a package - Presidential-grade medical services for the Prof and a wiped-clean slate for everyone who participates - Burke signs the contract without reading it.

The two-year-old son of a Saudi prince has been kidnapped. A highly professional snatch: no errors, no forensics...and no ransom note. Burke's job: get the kid back. Whatever it costs, whatever it takes. Pryce came to Burke because the profile concluded this was the work of a pedophile ring. But after Burke turns over every rock and comes up empty in his hunt for maggots, the ultimate man-for-hire must return to the day "Baby Boy Burke" was written on his birth certificate to conduct the one interrogation that could possibly save this child and write, in the blood of his enemies, the final act of his life story.
Release dateDec 30, 2008
Another Life

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