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Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks
Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks
Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks
Audiobook4 hours

Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks

Written by Ulysses Moore

Narrated by Michael Page

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Jason, Rick, and Julia know that Kilmore Cove's famous inventor, Peter Dedalus, holds the key to the mystery of the Doors to Time. It's a secret so dangerous he could only conceal it in the past.

A trail of extraordinary clues and codes leads the kids to eighteenth-century Venice, where Dedalus's inventions are scattered throughout the city. But the inventor seems to have melted into Venice's world of masks and shadows. And Jason, Rick, and Julia are not the only ones trying to find him…
Praise for the Ulysses Moore series
"Full of action…paced like a Hollywood thriller…Recommended for students who have worn out their copies of Lemony Snicket's books and [The] Spiderwick Chronicles." - School Library Journal
Release dateJul 20, 2008
Ulysses Moore: The Isle of Masks

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