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Matthew's Journey

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From the outside looking in, Matthew Brogan had it all. He had a great job in sales, a beautiful family, a nice home, and many luxuries that most people only dream about. Life can be cruel, he would soon learn, when he nearly loses everything dear to him. Roger Johnston, author of Matthew's Journey, takes the reader to a cold mountainside in Colorado where Matthew battles the demons that threaten to tear apart his very soul. He struggles with thoughts of suicide as the storm of the century bears down on him with all of its fury. This dramatic eye opener takes the reader to the edge and back virtually page by page, while Matthew rediscovers his relationship with God on a frozen landscape. The author skillfully leads you along a twisting and dangerous trail that reveals the very thing that was missing from Matthew's life, the one thing he didn't possess in his many acquisitions, his walk ... his journey ... Matthew's Journey.

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